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Increase Your Odds of Winning in Blackjack

If you use basic strategy, the house edge in Blackjack is roughly 0.5%, and this percentage can increase or decrease according to your skill level. The right approach can really make a difference to your returns when you’re playing this classic casino game!

Carefully Select Your Table

We suggest scouting land-based, online and mobile Blackjack tables to find the most liberal playing rules you can. Stick to tables where a 21-total pays out 3:2, where the dealer must stand on a soft 17, where you can double down on any two cards, and where you can double after you’ve split a pair. If surrendering is a possibility that’s great too, and fewer decks are best. This is because single- or double-check games have better odds for you than those with six or eight decks if the same rules are in place.

Approach 21 the same way you would a real money slots game, finding the best possible payouts.

Avoid the Insurance Bet

Don’t take Insurance, no matter how much you may have wagered on the cards you’re holding. It’s a sucker bet, which makes you stake on the slim possibility that the dealer has a 10-value card facing down to go with their Ace upcard to create a Blackjack. Winning this wager pays out at 2:1, but the chances of you doing so are far worse than 2:1, so even if you’ve got 21 and the dealer offers you even money, walk away.

Learn Basic Strategy

21 is not a guessing game where you might hit your 16 against the dealer’s 10 upcard and you might not. Gifted mathematicians have studied Blackjack for many years now and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the optimal way to play each hand dealt you exists. This is known as Basic Blackjack Strategy and it allows you to reduce the house edge to less than 1% if you use it properly to play each card dealt you.

Don’t even think about hitting the tables without a thorough knowledge of this approach and remember the rules will change depending on which variation you’re playing.

Use a Strategy Chart

Although plastic, laminated cards outlining optimal strategy are legal in casinos and readily available, you very seldom see players making use of them. Well, since you’ll be playing at online casinos instead of land-based ones, what’s to stop you from benefiting from them? You won’t stand out in the crowd since there won’t be one in your living room or wherever you’ve decided to play, and having something to refer to in order to lower the house edge will greatly enhance your chances of winning.

Get one printed out, keep it near your laptop or wherever you play most often, and you can make sure you’re always making the correct decision. You’ll ace every hand dealt you and won’t have to worry about making expensive mistakes.

A simple Internet search will bring up an array of different strategy cards, and you can use them to refer to until you’ve learned the rules off by heart!

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