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Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

At first, it seems that slot machines rely 100% on the chance factor. And this is true, at least in terms of a single round of play, but this doesn’t mean you can’t influence your chances of winning! Choosing the correct betting strategy and the right game can go a long way.

The Gamble Feature Regulates Volatility

When you’re playing Aussie online pokies, or plain old slots as the rest of the world calls them, take careful note of the Gamble feature, as this gives you a 50% chance to multiply your win 2X. You can often do this many times in succession, and we recommend you do so since it dramatically increases game volatility.

Taking a long-term perspective, you’ll be exchanging a series of smaller wins for proportionally fewer returns of better value.

The Smart Gambler Betting Strategy

There are a few things that need to be taken into account when gambling and strategy is by far the most important one. The Smart Gambler approach has variable volatility, a very high Return to Player rate of up to 96%, and a variable time of play.

The main idea is that you spin the slots reels with very small bets in place. Whenever you manage to land a winning combination you double it, using the Gamble button. You carry on doubling until you lose or until you win the kind of amount that you’re happy to withdraw and leave with.

This strategy is about as close to ideal as you’re going to get. Not only does it offer you an incredibly high RTP percentage, it additionally allows you to select the size of the win and make decisions to extend play for as long as you can while staying within your budget.

All you need to do is select a slot which has the Gamble feature available and decide how long you want to be able to play. Divide this time by the average length of time a game round takes and you’ll be able to get an idea of approximately how long you’ll be able to spin the reels.

The Reverse Martingale

This approach has a high volatility and a high RTP rate, so if you have a bigger budget you can go bananas. It also allows you to enjoy a variable playing time and is perfect for slots games that don’t have a Gamble feature.

It’s a betting system beloved by Roulette players and works wonderfully on spinning reels instead of wheels! This is similar to the Smart Gambler strategy already outlined but makes use of increasingly bigger wagers instead of the Gamble feature.

While the Martingale system sees you doubling your bet every time you lose, the Reverse Martingale advises you to do the opposite, so you’ll be doubling your stake each time you win. Begin by betting the smallest possible amount and continue like this until you land a winning combination. Then multiply your wager 2X and keep going until you win or lose. If you win you’ll go up by 2X again, if you lose you’ll drop back down to the smallest possible amount.

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